The Amazing Mesquite Tree


There are over 40 species of mesquite world wide.  Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill specializes in one: Velvet Mesquite (veluntina prosopsis).  The Velvet Mesquite is indigenous to the Sonoran Desert and has a life span of up to 200 years.  Of all the mesquite species, it is the slowest growing.  The slow growth and harsh desert conditions contributes to the flaws and defects in this exotic wood; creating a rich organic look with a touch of elegance. 

Botanists who have visited The Sawmill have informed us that the tree rings of our desert mesquite tree is so dense that the rings are not used to determine the age of a tree.  In fact, during our monsoon seasons, a mesquite tree could develop a ring! 

Each mesquite tree we harvest is carefully evaluated prior to felling to maximize the greatest use of the entire tree.  Trunks are milled to yield lumber or mesquite mantles.  Extending limbs are cut for use in ramadas, fencing, tri-pod table bases or lamps.  Smaller mesquite pieces are used to create smaller mesquite crafts, to include our popular mesquite cutting boards, serving boards and mesquite crosses. 

After a log is milled, special effort is taken when milling to keep flitches in the right order to allow woodworkers to take advantage of book matching opportunities.  (Book matching: Boards cut from the same log provide a grain pattern that form a mirror image of each other when placed side by side.)

Unlike pine, mesquite trees are gnarly, producing wood that contains many cracks, voids and waney bark edges with streaks of sapwood, and fantastic tight grain.   Mesquite lumber is generally irregular and imperfect; we consider this a great opportunity for the mesquite to show its unique beauty!