Since 1982, Tumacacori Mesquite (The Sawmill) has been providing Velvet Mesquite to craftsmen, artisans, woodworkers, cabinet makers, and custom home builders, throughout the United States.

Owners: Art Flores and Valerie Lavender


A Brief Overview

Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill remains Arizona's Oldest Mesquite Source, a reputation we are proud of.  Since 1982, "The Sawmill", has grown to become a provider of a Sonoran Desert Mesquite tree known as Velvet Mesquite.  Over the years, The Sawmill has become a destination for locals and visitors alike.  The original owner had a vision for mesquite and created the foundation for what has become an iconic place for the young and old.  The Sawmill has transformed from an old lumberyard into a user-friendly environment where visitors are free to walk the yard and browse the lumber selection, rummage through our famous remnant pile, watch milling in action or observe artisans as they work on amazing projects in progress.